The Performer

Silvian is currently the CEO of Transiris Corporation, a visionary subject matter expertise company with a global reach. Silvian’s bio for this show was written years ago by his publicist, Bruce Pachtman, and is provided here verbatim.

"Silvian Centiu is currently a director at Oracle Corporation, but he found his way there only after pursuing an extremely circuitous and often humbling path. Born and raised in the Transylvania region of Romania, Silvian arrived in America as a young man with many marketable computer skills. Because he had such a tenuous grasp of the English language, he applied for work as a pizza deliveryman. Unfortunately, he was turned down for the job. Perhaps it's all for the best because he then committed himself to learning English by speaking it for five hours a day, everyday to anyone who would listen. He soon found employment as a computer programmer first for Aetna, and later for Sony and Ross "Dress for Less".

Although Silvian's parents never fully grasped what a programmer did, they became very proud of their son when they found out that his software created the price tags at Ross. A few years later, Silvian had the choice of either enrolling in Stanford's MBA program or managing a soccer club. Obviously it was an easy choice. In fact he attributes his management skills at Oracle to his experience with the soccer club. At Oracle, he was a key contributor to the "Oracle 8 Database" the product that made Oracle the second largest software company in the world. He now manages Oracle Applications staff in more than ten countries as a Global Applications Flow Owner. (Whatever that means. Just know that there are only five of them in the world.)

But despite all of his accomplishments, Silvian has still not gotten over his disappointment at being turned down by the pizza delivery service. He thinks he would have done a really good job."

– Bruce Pachtman, March 2004