Corporate events

Silvian Centiu can be booked for corporate events either as a speaker or as a performer of the show "A Transylvanian in Silicon Valley". For more information about Silvian Centiu, please see the Performer page.

The show is well suited for corporate events due to its inspiring and entertaining qualities. The recurrent themes of dazzling creativity, persistence and success against all odds, exemplary focus and tenacity, an incredible mix of humility and arrogance, plus the insightful perspectives of cross-cultural communication make the show ideal for all world-class companies. And the gutbusting humor and breathtaking story will captivate the attention of your audience every moment of the show. Last but not least, the show can be customized to your needs to include or exclude "blue" passages and to emphasize or eliminate specific aspects while sticking to the true story of theauthor.

Proposals for non-profit organizers or humanitarian events may be considered at a reduced or no fee.

For booking and availability please contact Simona Nan at 650-454-6656 or send an e-mail to