Doreen Chang, 2004-05-16

Great play. Everybody laughs like at no other comedy I have ever seen and I left the theater thinking about all the inspiring stories. It is so, Americans know little about the sufferings of common people under dictatorships.

Bill Selby, 2004-05-16

In addition to being both dramatic and funny, I loved the central message of your one-man-show, how you refused to be blocked by the status quo, believed in yourself and your abilities, and most importantly, took positive creative action. Very inspiring!

Mark Amans, 2004-05-16

Bravo! I went to see your show on Saturday and I was very impressed. Your story is inspiring and your delivery is impeccable. You have definitely opened my eyes to a new perspective. Thank You.

bogdan voicu, 2004-05-12

ambitia este, dupa talent, generatorul de forta al actorului.Ma inclin!

sorin gongu, 2004-04-24

multa bafta

razvan, 2004-04-13

I'm very interested in the play. Too bad I'm just a student in Romania and can't see it. Maybe you could help me with a written version!

Barrett Rossie, 2004-04-06

Congratulations on a great web page and a great poster. Can't wait to see the play!

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