Bud Osterberg, 2004-05-24

Great show. Entertaining, and thought provoking. I know you have many more stories up your sleeve... er... cape; I can't wait for part II! I do, however, have a sneaking suspicion that the only reason you took questions at the end was so that you could check another box!

Samy & Steve, 2004-05-24

Ignorance can be a gift when you combine it with an utter lack of fear. Silvian, in his inimitable style, proves this in his hilarious solo act that takes you on a wild adventure from the time he escaped from Romania to the present. A not-to-be-missed tale of an immigrant who still doesn't understand the word 'failure'.

Dan Berte, 2004-05-22

sal! si bravo! un prieten din SF, american, mi-a dat linkul asta si am aflat de ce faci tu! e ok da nu ne uita si pe noi. piesa ta merita sa vada o scena a Clujului, sa zicem. te asteptam cu drag, acasa!

Sarah Moore, 2004-05-22

i thought the humor was quite clever and whitty, however... the advertisement was very misleading. when i saw the picture, i was expecting a dramatic and morbid performance full of action and horror. the reality was not at all bad, but i was disappointed nonetheless. i was delighted to find that his story was, in fact, true, at the end when he spoke with us and answered questions. he was very natu...(trimmed)

Steven Warren, 2004-05-21

As a classmate of Silvian I am very proud to know him and see his success continue. Take care Steve

nadja goertz, 2004-05-19

thank you so much for sharing your story with us. it brought back many memories and deepened my appreciation of today's situation in europe, i see your story as a metaphor for many similarly drastic stories typical to the east block countries at the time. it's still a long way to go but, as your life shows, in the end all we needed was freedom and a little educational help on how to deal with it.

IanCount Dracula, 2004-05-19

Dear Mr Centiu, Let me say first of all that I will recitfy the fact that nobody in Romania has heard of me very swiftly. Secondly let me say what a great job you did in your play. The best thing I have seen for years, except Buffy the Vampire Slayer of Course.

bogdan, 2004-05-18

felicitari pt piesa si initiativa. intr-adevar nu pot sa-mi fac o parere proprie despre spectacol din romania, dar feed-back-ul e impresionant. bravo!

kel sheppey, 2004-05-17

It's a great story and well told. Apart from the story itself, which is an epic escape from behind the then Communist Iron Curtain, what I found really found inspirational was one man's determination to change his circumstances, and that he was able to do it, it's about anything being possible, and there's something comforting for all of us in that idea!

Andrew Fetterer, 2004-05-17

In a land of inspiring tales of instant riches, Silvian reminds us of the more personal convictions one must have to achieve greatness. Funny, edgy, and at times sad, his story is one you will not forget.

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