Dora Cary, 2004-06-06

Exceptional! Mi-a dat aripi spectacolul, adesea comic, cateodata trist, plin de inspiratie. Jos palaria pentru Silvian!

Dora Cary, 2004-06-06

Exceptional! Most of the times funny, sometimes sad, always inspirational, the play brought to life old memories from Romania, added new funny stories to my own life as an emigrant, and refuelled my belief that anything is possible when you refuse to give up. Thank you, Silvian! Success in New York and everywhere you go.

Charles Burwell, 2004-06-05

Inspiring. Entertaining. Provocative. Well told, and I will see it again before you leave for NYC. I would also love to see number II as your take on 'What happens after your beautiful resume is accepted'. Overall, it was a fascinating and well-told story.

Zoe Hsu, 2004-06-04

What an inspiring show!! I can relate to many of the stories you told. They are funny and also bloody real. I am too an legal alian in the U.S., and I walked away believing that I can conquer the world. I hope this will become a broadway play one day. Well done!!

Mike Meditzky, 2004-06-03

Excellent show!

Livia David, 2004-06-03

Felicitari si mult succes in continuare.

Jennifer Glass, 2004-06-02

I thought it was terrific! Highly entertaining and very thought-provoking. Congratulations!

Razvan Georgescu, 2004-05-29

Salutare artistilor! In San Francisco nu suntem decat o mana de artisti romani care incercam sa ne adunam si sa cream ceva romanesc. Asa ca ne bucura prezenta ta aici si dorim sa luam legatura. Vom fi la spectacol si asteptam un semn si de la tine. Succes, Silviane!

Gabrielle Mullem, 2004-05-24

A great one man show! An enriching experience -engrossing, inspiring and funny. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening. I've been recommending it or retelling it to out-of-towners for weeks.

Randy Durante, 2004-05-24

I really loved it. I know Silvian already but I still very much enjoy when it was told on this comedy. Congratulations and God bless when you go to New York!

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