Maria Spletter, 2005-05-02

I loved the play! Thanks so much for writing and performing it! The humor makes the show enjoyable, yet really highlights the triumps and difficulties throughout the story.

Cristiana Predescu, 2005-05-01


Scott Bevan, 2004-12-08

Sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see this!

Calin Muresan, 2004-09-14

Felicitari!Inca un roman exceptional,te asteptam si la Timisoara.

Elizabeth, 2004-09-03

Silvian Centiu for Governor! If Arnold can do it, so can you! Lovely show - the comedy hid much of tragedy. Perhaps next time the audience will leave in tears instead of laughter

Susan Winters, 2004-08-25

My friend and I saw the show in NYC last night. We were amazed, astonished and impressed with your incredible tale of survival and success. My hat is off to you, it was a privilege and a pleasure to hear your story. And it was wonderful to read the excellent praise the NYC reviewer gave you, too. All best regards, Susan

, 2004-07-26

Asa da, ma bucur pentru acesta minunata incercare de a iesi la suprafata in US. Congratulation for your idea and succes.Congratulation/Felicitari

Ruben, 2004-07-02

Thanks for a wonderful and very entertaining evening. Your evocative comments were not only funny but reminded me of how fortunate I am in so many different respects.

Goska, 2004-06-25

Kochany TransSylvianie!!! Bardzo zaluje, ze nie moge Ciebie obejrzec na scenie. Wiem od Sylvi, ze jestes swietny i Ty i Twoje przedstawienie.Czytalam tez o Tobie w San Mateo County Times i jestem dumna ze Cie znam. GRATULUJE< PODZIWIAM I POZDRAWIAM> Your Polish Friend Goska

Nancy, 2004-06-22

A wonderfully told story. Thank you for the small, but enlightening depiction of life in Romania.

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